Georgina Reid

Georgina is a writer, landscape designer, and founder/editor of The Planthunter. 

Editing / writing / creative direction

The Planthunter

The Planthunter is an online magazine devoted to celebrating plants and the varied ways humans interact with them. Plants have been inspiring, feeding, sustaining and soothing humans for aeons. The Planthunter documents and celebrates these connections.

Exploring the world outside our houses, offices, and heads, The Planthunter highlights the ties that bind us to our leafy friends in an authentic, unexpected, and creative manner. It gently coerces people to reconnect with plants.

The Planthunter launched at the end of 2013. Since then, things have gotten rather hectic for me. I had no idea my little idea of a website exploring the connections between people and plants would be read, shared, and loved by so many people.

But it has, and this is something I'm incredibly happy about and proud of. In the last four years, The Planthunter has grown from a tiny idea into a rather rampant online publishing venture (a bit like ivy perhaps?!). With over 80 contributors, more than 800 stories and a bunch of engaged and excited readers from all corners of the world.

Of course, it all comes back to three words. Life, with plants. You see, there’s no human life without plants – we’re inextricably linked. This simple little fact is why The Planthunter exists. 

There are plenty of websites about plants, yet there is no other website like The Planthunter. It weaves a rich story of connection and respect between humans, culture, plants and environment. It draws equally from culture and horticulture, from art and science, from beauty and botany. It is engaging, authentic and celebratory.