The Planthunter

I am the founding editor and creative director of Australian online magazine,The Planthunter

Wandering across the cultural landscape, secateurs in hand, The Planthunter explores the endlessly curious connections between people and plants. It is beautiful, irreverent and important, and there is no other publication like it. 



The Planthunter weaves a rich story of connection and respect between humans, culture, plants and environment. It draws equally from culture and horticulture, from art and science, from beauty and botany. It is engaging, truthful and celebratory and encourages and inspires people to fall in love with plants.

The Planthunter is quite honestly the best Australian on-line magazine I’ve seen pop up in recent years, and such a brilliant example of innovative, intelligent online publishing.”
— Lucy Feagins, Editor, The Design Files

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