Work with me


Things I do: I write, I speak, I have big ideas, I make big ideas happen, I design things, I help people tell stories, I create beauty, I collaborate, I educate, I garden.

Things we can do together: All of the above. And likely a lot more.


Content creation

Stories are everywhere. My passion is finding them, telling them and sharing them. I’m not interested in creating content for content’s sake. I’m interested in truth, beauty and understanding. I won’t do your website copywriting, but if you want a story told, and a good one at that, I’m your woman. My partner in imagery is photographer Daniel Shipp. We’ve travelled the world documenting people, plants and places. We’d love to tell your tale.

custom publishing

It’s noisy in the digital realm. Sometimes, just sometimes, quietness is the answer. Creating a book, magazine or newspaper to surprise, delight and dwell over allows a brand to tell its story, and the stories of its people and values, in a quiet and considered way. The result is an object to be kept and treasured, creating a strong link between audience and brand.

 Editorial and creative direction is my deal. It’s what I do every day. I, alongside photographer Daniel Shipp and graphic designer Evi O can transform your ideas and your brand story into a custom publication (like this book we just made). From big picture ideas to content direction, copywriting to photography, design to sub-editing and printing, we’ve got you covered.

creative direction and project based consultancy

Are you working on a project that requires editorial and/or creative direction, with a bit of plant/design knowhow thrown in? With a deep love and affinity for design, plants and storytelling and extensive experience in publishing, communications, horticulture and landscape design, I’m your woman.


I like talking. I’ve facilitated panel discussions, run workshops and spoken at a bunch of different events including Vivid Ideas, Melbourne Writers Festival, Garden Design Series by the Foundation and Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Food and Words festival, Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation and others.

Talk to me if you want me to talk at your next event/workshop/gathering.


I love working with brands and organisations whose values align with mine (act with integrity, speak only truth, be curious, create and celebrate beauty, do good). If you feel we’re a good match and want to chat about ways we can work together, please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.