Georgina is the founding editor of Wonderground (formerly The Planthunter), a print and online publication focused on growing a greener, more connected and compassionate world.

Since its launch in 2013, Wonderground has grown an international reputation for its fierce commitment to communicating the importance and wonder of the natural world through rich, evocative and real storytelling. Rambling among the realms of nature, garden, design and environmental writing, Wonderground refuses to fit neatly into any genre, because meaning is not genre specific and life is messy. Read more about why Wonderground exists, here.

Georgina is the author of The Planthunter: Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants (Thames and Hudson, 2018), and has contributed to many publications, including After the Australian Ugliness (Thames and Hudson, 2021), The Earth in her Hands (Timber Press USA, 2020), Writing Water: Rain, River, Reef (Red Room Poetry, 2020), Dumbo Feather, The Design Files, Belle Magazine, Landscape Architecture magazine (USA), and others.

Find out more about Georgina’s work here.