I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful organisations and brands. Like Horticulture Innovation Australia, The Design Files, Tait, Republic of Everyone, Red Room Poetry, Australian Garden History Society, The Fortynine Studio and others.

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Image by Daniel Shipp

Image by Daniel Shipp


Plant Life Balance | HOrticulture Innovation Australia

Creative direction, project management, horticultural research

In 2017 I was engaged by Horticulture Innovation Australia to work on Plant Life Balance, a virtual reality app that uses health, well-being and design to encourage people to surround themselves with plants, indoors and out. Working with photographer Daniel Shipp and stylist Alicia Sciberras, we styled and shot 11 looks for the award-winning campaign.

 My role was to creatively direct the shoots, in collaboration with brand agency Republic of Everyone. We defined the looks, plants included within each look and the finished aesthetic of each of the images. I was also responsible for project managing each shoot – including sourcing locations, plants and props, and liaising with photographer, stylist, agency staff and production assistants.

The Plant Life Balance app has been downloaded over 43,000 times and has won two 2018 Webby awards for best lifestyle app, and reader’s choice.


Image by Daniel Shipp

Image by Daniel Shipp

Plant Life Balance | Horticulture innovation australia



I was engaged as an ambassador for the launch of the Plant Life Balance campaign and app in 2017, and again in 2018. This involved numerous print and radio interviews, the creation of this video (which has been viewed over 245,000 times!), and a podcast or two.



Limited edition garden wall | Tait



I’ve long been a fan of Australian outdoor furniture brand Tait. They make all their products in Melbourne and are focused on durable construction and timeless design. I was chuffed when they asked me to design a pattern for their limited edition 10-year anniversary stackable Garden Wall planter, released in early 2018. I went a bit wild, channelling one of my design heros, Roberto Burle Marx, and created a pattern called ‘Terrain’ with organic shaped cut outs for curious plants to poke their wandering fronds through. The product was featured in Design Milk.


Image by Daniel Shipp

Image by Daniel Shipp

Australian Garden History Society x The Planthunter

Content creation


In 2017 I was approached by the Australian Garden History Society (AGHS) to work together to help build brand awareness of the society, it’s members and work. Working with photographer Daniel Shipp, I produced and wrote four stories featuring AGHS members including Fiona Brockhoff, Peter Watts, Jess Hood and Trisha Dixon. These were published on The Planthunter in early 2017. 


Red Room Poetry x The Planthunter

Content creation


Created by Red Room Poetry, New Shoots celebrates and cultivates poems inspired by plants and place to deepen our creative and cultural connections with nature. Over 2016 and 2017, I worked with Red Room Poetry to create a series of stories focusing on the project and four of the poets involved in it: Mark Tredinnick, Eileen Chong, Maria Takolander and Tamryn Bennett. The stories were published on The Planthunter online magazine.


Image by Daniel Shipp

Image by Daniel Shipp


The Lazy SEason | The Fortynine Studio

Product design collaboration

In 2015 I collaborated with Ben Elbourne, Sarah Spackman and Harriet Watts of The Fortynine Studio to design the limited edition Lazy Season pot.

The Lazy Season is a hemispherical self-watering pot that comes with a bronze prop to enable the pot to be placed at any angle. As the sun moves through the sky seasonally, the angle of the pot can be adapted so the plant can follow it. Circular coloured areas at the base of the pot reference the changes in the sun’s angle between summer and winter. The internal water reservoir is separated by a removable wicking floor, meaning there’s no need for a saucer.

Made by hand at The Fortynine Studio in Sydney, there was a limited edition of just 49 pots made. Handwritten edition numbers along with The Fortynine Studio and The Planthunter makers marks feature on the wicking floor of each pot.


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