The Planthunter

I am the founding editor and creative director of Australian online magazine,The Planthunter

Wandering across the cultural landscape, secateurs in hand, The Planthunter explores the endlessly curious connections between people and plants. It is beautiful, irreverent and important, and there is no other publication like it. 


With a highly engaged database of around 10,000 email subscribers from across the globe, over 71,000 Instagram and 50,000 Facebook followers, and many tens of thousands of monthly website visitors, The Planthunter is widely loved, respected and shared. Its success has arisen not from big marketing budgets, but from the values underpinning it. These values are incredibly important to me both professionally and personally. They frame all I do. They are:


Act with integrity

Speak only truth

Be curious

Create and celebrate beauty

Do good


The Planthunter speaks directly from the heart, to the heart. It weaves a rich story of connection and respect between humans, culture, plants and environment. It draws equally from culture and horticulture, art and science, beauty and botany. It inspires people to fall in love with the world around them, through falling in love with plants.


I am responsible for the day-to-day running of The Planthunter online magazine. I oversee all written and visual content, liaise with writers and contributors, write regular stories for the site, and oversee social media. I am responsible for managing relationships with brand partners and supporters. From to strategy and grand visions to the re-sizing of images and posting on Instagram, I do/have done it all.

The Planthunter is quite honestly the best Australian on-line magazine I’ve seen pop up in recent years, and such a brilliant example of innovative, intelligent online publishing.”
— Lucy Feagins, Editor, The Design Files

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